Coaching Process

Marriage Coaching: The Process

The Coaching Process goes through four distinct processes; that is Assessment, Proposal, Contracting then Coaching.

marriage coaching & submission


This is a 1 hour 30 minutes session in which I seek to understand your unique coaching needs, partner with you to set goals, and come up with objectives for the coaching engagement. During this session, I will also gauge the scope and complexity of the engagement.


During the assessment, the coach and coachee both come up with objectives, goals, number of sessions needed, mode of delivery, and rights and responsibilities of the coach and coachee. Your coach will thereafter send you a proposal for your perusal and possible input if you would like to vary the content.

coaching contract


If you agree with the terms of the proposal, the coach will send you a coaching agreement embodying the terms of the proposal, which both you and your coach will sign.


After each coaching session, you and I will have a short coaching review session, which is a brief overview of your session to assess the progress made. You and I will sign a session coaching log capturing your commitments from the session.

coaching contract


Both the client and coach sign off that the coaching contract has come to an end.

Coaching Process at a glance