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Who we are

TACOH Coaching Services is a one-stop marriage coaching service for all your marriage coaching needs. We are your partner In building and sustaining a strong, happy, thriving and fun marriage that lasts a lifetime.


What is marriage coaching?

We partner with our clients to understand their unique needs and challenges related to their marriage, and then journey with them and help them unleash their potential towards creating the marriage they dream of.


Opportunities for growth

We focus not on the problems but on the opportunities for growth present in every marriage.


Highly personalized service

We partner with you in a highly personalized service that adapts to your unique needs.


Help & Inspire

We help and inspire you to build the marriage you want to achieve.

The institution of marriage is the origin of the family and the family is, in turn, the basic cell on which society is founded. Hence happy , healthy marriages translate to happy families, which in turn translate to a flourishing nation composed of mentally, morally, and physically healthy, thriving families.

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Meet Catherine Nyiha

Certified Professional Coach specializing in marriage and life coaching.

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